GAI cyber


GAI Cyber Solutions provides a multitude of part-time, ad-hoc or surge support business development services for small businesses in the Federal Government contracting marketplace.

Opportunity Qualification and Tracking:

Opportunity identification and tracking starts long before a bid hits the street. Delays are inevitable with most opportunities and often result in changes to the statement of work, contract acquisition strategies, and the competitors that plan to bid it. Chances are that if you have not been tracking a major bid before it hits the RFP stage, then you are not going to be in a position to win it. GAI identifies each opportunity that aligns with our clients’ past performance and contract vehicles and qualifies them. Our team assists in determining relative win percentage throughout the life cycle of a bid from pre-RFP to Source Selection. We do so by continually obtaining intelligence related to the contract, procurement, incumbents and the competition. We leverage a variety of resources for the identification of opportunities, including: GovWin, FedBizOpps, and Ebuy. Our team tracks opportunities through the entirety of the bid life cycle, often years prior to their eventual release.

Proposal Writing:

Writing is a long, slow, hard process; cobbling together input from multiple sources, re-writing and customizing content, ensuring that all proposal requirements are met – and there seems to never be quite enough time to get it written perfectly. Having an extra pair of hands and eyes to either manage, write, or review the proposal can make all the difference in both the quality of the submission and the quality of life of the proposal team during the writing process. We offer full service proposal writing for IT opportunities. We have proposal managers, technical writers, and content SMEs on staff. We can write content from scratch as well as leverage existing client verbiage that can be tailored to each bid. In many cases we have pre-fabricated content for different subject areas that can be customized to meet the requirements of the proposal.


Not having the right contract vehicle or sufficient past performance happens to every company at one point or another. Sometimes the clear path to bidding on a contract requires teaming with one or more other companies to meet the entirety of requirements. However, the companies needed to round out the team don’t always return phone calls or emails or may have already teamed up with others in an attempt to bid on the same opportunity. GAI has relationships with hundreds of companies in the IT space, from Bigs to Smalls. We make introductions to companies that have the specific contract vehicle, certification or past performance you need to go after a bid. We will find the teammate(s) that best supplement your capabilities and give you the best chance to win.

Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expertise:

No one person is an expert in every facet of their field and organizations should be focused on their core competencies and specific expertise. GAI’s core competency is cybersecurity and our teams of cyber SMEs are also well versed in business development. Need some specific assistance on closing a cybersecurity deal or writing in-depth technical content for a cyber proposal? We have a cyber SME in every functional area that can provide ad-hoc assistance for any type of business support related to cybersecurity that you may need. We also offer assistance for any orals related to cybersecurity domains.

Contract Vehicles:

It’s impossible to go after Federal contracts without the right vehicles and full and open competitive contracts are not feasible for most small business to attempt to bid. Sometimes getting on a new contract vehicle is the only way to expand the capture net enough to win new work. GAI offers GSA Schedule 70 services, both for new submissions and updates, including Highly Adaptive Cyber Security Services (HACS) SINs. Our team also specializes in strategic planning and onboarding support to obtain desired GWACs, IDIQs and other contract vehicles, such as: DHS EAGLE II, GSA Alliant 2, and GSA OASIS.