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GAI Cyber Solutions offers a variety of different cybersecurity services, with an emphasis on FedRAMP, FISMA and NIST compliance. Our team has extensive experience providing cost-effective and resource efficient services and solutions to our clients around the world. We offer services to all sectors, including: the Federal Government, Contractors and Commercial Entities.

Security Audits

Security audits are an inevitability regardless of the sector or line of business you are in. They are a necessity for proving compliance, but also provide valuable insight into the state and efficiency of the security control mechanisms an organization has in place. The quality and accuracy of an audit can vary greatly depending on the expertise of the individual auditors. Our team has experience with a broad range of technology and understands everything from the intricacies of complex enterprise architecture to the grey areas that can come up when interpreting compliance requirements.  GAI has expertise in providing independent security audit services for a breadth of different federal and commercial requirements, standards, and best practices including:
  • NIST 800-53
  • NIST 800-171
  • FedRAMP
  • ISO 2700x
  • CIS Benchmarks
  • SANS Top 20
GAI specializes in FISMA/NIST based audits; our assessments are independent and can be leveraged in support of a new or ongoing Authority to Operate (ATO). Key Deliverables for FISMA-based audits include:

Security Assessment Plan (SAP)
Rules of Engagement (ROE)
Security Control Assessment Report (SCA)
Risk Assessment Report (RAR)
Security Assessment Report (SAR)

Security Scanning

The most efficient way to get breadth of coverage in the identification of vulnerabilities is through security scanning. Vulnerability scanners leverage a database of checks that run against devices on the network to determine patch levels, configuration settings, and susceptibility to different vectors of attack. GAI leverages industry-best scanning tools to scan your network for vulnerabilities. Some of the tools we leverage include: NMap, Nessus, WebInspect, Fortify, Kali Linux, and Metasploit. Our team works with clients’ staff to understand the impact of identified vulnerabilities by considering: the nature of the vulnerability, the likelihood it could be exploited, the criticality of the asset, the location of the asset on the network, the severity of the risk if the vulnerability were to be exploited and the overall mission of your business. We consider these factors and various others in order to determine if an identified vulnerability is a true risk and to provide an accurate overall risk rating. We analyze all scan results to identify and remove false positives prior to providing results. GAI offers red and blue team services, including:
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Penetration Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Role-based Testing

Security Posture Assessments & Gap Analysis

Organizational security posture is the holistic view of all the components that support the overall security of your organization; from personnel, to physical building, to network infrastructure. Often time’s an organization will build their security program upon meeting compliance requirements. Unfortunately, there is no single framework or set of requirements that addresses every security concern nor is there any set of compliance requirements tailor made with a specific entity in mind. With only finite resources available, the result is there are often gaps in different areas of an organization’s security posture that go unnoticed and unassessed. Substantial harm to organizational assets and resources could occur if those gaps are first identified by a malicious party. GAI offers comprehensive security assessments that are tailored to the environment to identify these pertinent gaps in organizational security posture. Our team will identify material gaps in security posture that we believe need to be further assessed. Alternatively, if there are known areas of weakness in the organization, our team can conduct a targeted campaign or exercise. The scope of each assessment is customized to each client’s needs. Specific services we offer in relation to a Security Posture Assessment include, but are not limited to:
  • Network packet capture and analysis
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Social Engineering exercises
  • Wireless access site survey
  • Physical security audit
  • Unannounced black box penetration testing
Upon conclusion of the assessment a detailed results report will be provided that identifies: assessment methodology and procedures, gaps, vulnerabilities, associated risks, risk severity levels and recommendations for remediation.

A&A Documentation Creation

A large part of ensuring an ATO is received and maintained involves the development and update of all security documentation related to the system. There are numerous things to consider that can materially affect A&A documentation: common controls, hybrid controls, major system changes, compensating controls, risk waivers, risk acceptances, just to name a few. Inadequate documentation is the number one reason why the issuances of ATOs are delayed. GAI has gone through the A&A process numerous times and has expertise in navigating the pitfalls involved with ATOs and streamlining security artifact creation. Our team can provide development and update of all documents needed for a new or ongoing security authorization and FedRAMP/FISMA compliance, including:
  • System Security Plan (SSP)
  • Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 199 (FIPS 199)
  • Incident Response Plan (IRP)
  • Contingency Plan (CP)
  • Privacy Threshold Analysis (PTA)
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Configuration Management Plan (CMP)
  • Any other required Policies and Procedures for you organization / system

ISSO Support

ISSOs are responsible for the day-to-day security of organization systems, making their job one of the most important in the realm of cybersecurity. They provide the everyday oversight of system security posture and all changes that need to be made that could affect security have to go through them. ISSOs are the direct link for security-based communication across multiple groups of stakeholders, including: engineers, administrators, and the system owner. ISSOs are also responsible for developing and maintaining security artifacts as well as ensuring that systems receive and maintain their ATOs. GAI can serve as your dedicated ISSO and lead FISMA compliance and ATO retention efforts, or provide supplemental guidance and expertise for your existing security personnel. ISSO support includes duties such as:
  • Security Control and Security Documentation update
  • Security Control Self-Assessment
  • Change Control Board member
  • Evaluating Changes and conducting Security Impact Analysis
  • Ongoing Vulnerability Analysis
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • POA&M Development, Review and Remediation
  • Audit Preparation
  • Regular Review of System Accounts
  • Contingency Plan Testing Exercises