GAI Cyber Solutions

Our Cybersecurity Recruiting Services

Our recruiters are cybersecurity professionals that have substantial experience in multiple areas of cybersecurity. We specialize in placing individuals from entry level to CISO. Why settle for a technical recruiter when you can have a cybersecurity professional who specializes in recruiting, source the best cyber talent available!

We staff candidates for full-time, part-time, and 1099/C2C positions and place individuals within both the public and private sectors. We operate under flexible compensation structures and offer discounts for sole-sourced requisitions and large quantities of placements; our fees are competitive and often much lower than a standard recruiting firm. 
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Why GAI Cyber Solutions:

You will have 1 point of contact

We are Cybersecurity Subject Matter Experts
All our recruiters are also cybersecurity professionals who hold the CISSP certification and have at least 5 years of direct cybersecurity experience.

Direct Staff Interaction
We speak with hiring mangers prior to starting our search to understand the intricacies of all positions we staff - We know every requisition is more complex than just a bulleted list.

Highly Efficient Resume Sourcing
We can determine subtle differences between candidates with similar skills sets by simply reviewing their resumes and extrapolating details that only a cybersecurity professional would hone in on. This speeds up the recruitment process as we can often determine that while a candidate may meet all the qualifications on paper, he/she is not likely to be a great fit for the position – all before picking up the phone.

In-Depth Technical Screening Process
We put all candidates through and in-depth technical screening process to ensure they have strong foundational skills, meet or exceed requisition requirements and can prove they have the knowledge claimed on their resume. Your time is valuable and we take pride in being able to filter out candidates that are not of the highest caliber. Think of us as the firewall between your hiring manager and the general population of cybersecurity professionals; if a candidate can make it past our rigorous screening process, you can be assured they are worth the time to speak with.

Large Network of Cybersecurity Peers
Our recruiters have an extensive network of peers working in the cybersecurity field. This allows us to reach out to proven quality talent and decrease the overall placement time compared to a standard recruiting firm that is only sourcing from job boards and cold calls.

We only take on Cyber Requisitions that our Recruiters have prior real-world work experience with.
Cybersecurity is a broad field, and individually, our recruiters don’t claim to be experts in every security domain. We won’t attempt to source and place candidates with skills sets that our recruiters would not be able to thoroughly screen before submittal. Would you really want someone to staff a code developer positon that has never written a line of code and doesn’t understand what a variable is?